Tweets Of The Week: Jessimae Peluso Just Can't With That #HotMugshot Guy

The 'Girl Code' comedian wondered what could have been with the viral sensation.

These days, your Twitter timeline says as much about you as your taste in movies or fashion sense, and ours is chock full o’ MTV greatness. Between the intriguing "Teen Wolf" stars and the "Code" jokesters, our network’s cast members always have a ton to share on social media. And each week, we’re rounding up the posts that had us RTing like crazy. Check out the latest!


What's the girl code on dating really good-looking guys who are about to get tossed into the slammer? Evidently, it's a no-go.

Jeremy Meeks, a 30-year-old who was arrested Wednesday on felony weapons charges, swiftly became an Internet sensation when his mugshot was released. The reason: It could have easily been confused for a successful model's campaign proof. And while tens of thousands of social media users fawned over ol' blue-eyes, comedian Jessimae Peluso just wasn't sure she could jump on the bandwagon. "Umm...#HotMugShot #JeremyMeeks #AreWeInLove #OrNah," she tweeted with the meme above.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Ashley Rickards revealed there are some new skill sets on the "Awkward" set, while JR Bourne kept an eye on his "Teen Wolf" sister Jill Wagner. And though Molly Tarlov was happy to see Sadie Saxton bury the hatchet with Jenna Hamilton (at least temporarily), Laurel threw fuel on the fire after catching Theresa talking crap on "Free Agents."

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