'True Blood': The First Casualty Of Season Seven Speaks

If you haven't seen Sunday night's episode, you might want to stop reading.

reporting by Chris Kim

Season seven of "True Blood" ain't playin around, which is French for "if you haven't seen the premiere episode yet, then stop reading because MAJOR SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED."

During the opening moments of the episode, Sookie Stackhouse's best friend Tara Thornton was killed in a manner so brutal and utterly unceremonious (at least by television standards) that we almost thought the whole thing was a sick, sad dream. But it wasn't, as confirmed by actress Rutina Wesley on the premiere carpet.

"I miss everybody," she told MTV News with a laugh. "I'm not going to lie. But it's cool, I'm actually excited to see where everything else is going to go, and what they're going to do."

So it's true — the epic Pam/Tara season seven happy ending we were hoping for is never going to happen, because Tara has officially exploded into a ball of goo. It was a cruel fate for a character who had already endured everything from parental abuse to vampire stalking to being shot in the head by a meth head werewolf, but Wesley swears that there are no hard feelings.

"They've always given me great stuff," she explained. "I was fine either way. I love the show, and I love the arc that my character has, and continues to have."

By "continues to have" she likely means that her batty mother Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) will still be around to mourn her daughter, while the rest of the town heads off to fight those insane zombie vampires. We caught up with Porter at the premiere as well, and the actress was quick to admit that her onscreen daughter's death took a serious emotional toll.

"Rutina and I both have not seen that scene," Porter said. "We haven't watched it. I think for both of us, it was so incredibly personal. We were there, we know what happened, but we don't really need to relive it."

Find out what else the Thornton ladies had to say — including Rutina's ideas for Tara's tombstone — below.

Will you miss Tara, Truebies? Any predictions for who might be next?