How Will Lana Del Rey's 28th Year Go? We Asked A Psychic

Happy Birthday, Lana!

Lana Del Rey officially stepped out of 27 Club range Saturday (June 21) -- a.k.a. her birthday. To celebrate, we asked resident psychic Licorice Root to take a peek at the stars and see what's in store for the "West Coast" singer:

Lana Del Rey, whose album Ultraviolence was released this week, turns 28 tomorrow -- on the Summer Solstice! This first day of summer marks the longest day of the year, which is quite an auspicious and magical time for a birthday. Let us take a look at her birth chart to see what makes this chanteuse tick and what is in store for this popular -- yet polarizing -- diva in the coming year.

Because I am psychic, I know what you’re thinking: What made Del Rey assume that in this digital age she could be Lizzy Grant then Lana Del Rey without the whole Internet catching on to it and questioning her motivations? I mean, I suppose when one really considers it, it’s not that strange -- Lady Gaga is just Stefani when the wig comes off, and even Pink is plain old Alecia Moore. Changing your name is a part of the game when it comes to fame; however, the way Elizabeth Grant became Ms. Del Rey rubs many people the wrong way.

My diagnosis? It’s her Sun in Gemini at the final degree. She’s nearly a Cancer, but was born just a tad too early to end up a crab. Gemini is an air sign, so those with their Sun in the sign of the twins are in this world to learn about their idenity and the response they receive because of it -- and a name certainly represents identity.

There are plenty of stereotypes about all the signs, and one for Gemini that is commonly heard is that they are two- (or more-) faced. Sure, anyone can be two-faced, but when it comes to Gemini, it’s not about being one way while seeming to be another. It’s actually much more complicated and beautiful than that. It’s about being one way and seeing if you can also be another. Why? To understand more about the world and to see things from a new perspective.

A Gemini’s main goal karmically is to gather information and the best way to do that is to be as many things as you can -- so that you can hear, see and say things in as many ways as possible. From Grant to Del Rey, she was likely genuinely trying different ways to express herself.

One very striking thing I see in Del Rey’s birth chart is that at her time of birth, Uranus, the planet of rebellion, invention, revolution and evolution, was right next to her Moon, which represents the way we give and receive to others and ourselves. Del Rey is likely a very cool and detached friend and lover. As an artist, she has been accused of not being genuine, but on a bad day, a Uranus and Moon contact like hers can be the planetary equivalent of “resting bitch face” -- she’s not actually ungenuine or disinterested, it just seems that way when she pouts and poses on screen.

Her Venus in Leo likely explains her luscious locks, her Mars in Capricorn will make her a crazy hard worker, and, again, her Sun right at the edge of Cancer -- yet still in Gemini -- tells us that this cusp baby will always feel like she is at the edge of greatness. Will she get there?

This September, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, will stimulate her ascendant, so I suspect this fall Del Rey will be able to prove to the public that she’s got nothing to hide and that she’s got something indeed very genuine to say as artist.

Early 2015 will also find Del Rey thick in her Saturn return -- that should be fun! I expect we’ll hear her reflecting tons about the past. We’ll be holding her hand as she walks down memory lane, she’ll be longing to figure out how she became who she has become, and we’ll be along for the ride. So much for deleting that Internet history!

Happy birthday, Lana Del Rey! It ain’t easy being born on a cusp, but being born during the Summer Solstice promises good fortune, fame and the ability to influence mass amounts of people. Like her or not, Del Rey’s chart makes it seem like this songstress is here to stay.

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