This Homemade, Shot-For-Shot Remake Of The 'Star Wars' Battle Of Hoth Is Perfect

Cardboard + fake moustaches = movie magic.

There is certainly no shortage of "Star Wars" videos on the Internet, but the Force might be strongest with this one.

Dustin McLean of Cinefix's series Homemade Movies decided to take on the famous Battle of Hoth from "The Empire Strikes Back" and recreate it using only household materials.

Yep, with only some cardboard cutouts, fake moustaches, a white sheet, an old Nintendo controller, some toys and models, and extremely clever filmmaking, McLean and his crew were able to film recapture the magic of the original scene. (The a cappella John Williams score doesn't hurt, either.)

You can also watch the making-of video below, which shows how the ambitious sequence came together (take notes, young filmmakers).

J.J. Abrams has repeatedly said that he's committed to using as many practical effects as he can for "Star Wars: Episode VII." We hope he and other filmmakers who could use CGI take note of how awesome real effects can be, even when it's just cardboard.

You can also check out their other short films, which include the truck sequence from "The Dark Knight" and the trench run from the original "Star Wars," on their channel.