EXCLUSIVE: Get The Summer Chills With Spooky Romance 'Ghost House'

Oh, and there's a hot dude in it, too.

The days are getting hotter and longer, which can only mean two things: 1.) It's time for some serious chill-down sessions, and 2). it's time for some summer romance. Well, we've got your chills and kisses right here in the form of the exclusive cover reveal of "Ghost House," the first in a new trilogy by New York Times-bestselling author Alexandra Adornetto.

"Ghost House" tells the tale of teenage Chloe who, after her mother dies, is sent to live in her grandmother's drafty English manor -- a far cry from her home state of California. Chloe has always been able to see ghosts -- and keep their visits at bay -- but when she hits the UK she can't fight them off any longer. Good thing one of them is a hot English guy named Alex with rippling blond hair from roughly 200 years ago -- bad thing he comes with a seriously scary ex-girlfriend.

"I think that it really sums up the feel and the mood of the book," Adornetto told MTV News of the cover. "It's a mix between romance and a gothic horror story. I think it brought it together really well and they found a model that looks just like Alexander is described in the book. That's the most important thing."

Check out Alex in all his glory below and pick up the book on August 26.