Anne Hathaway Wants You To 'Let Girls Learn'

The actress joined a chorus of famous voices advocating for girls' education.

Today's moment of social conscience comes courtesy of basically every famous person on the planet, who joined together to make this video and raise public awareness of Let Girls Learn. The PSA is part of a new initiative focused on girls' education, funded by the U.S. government and spearheaded by USAID.

Featuring a bevy of celebs including Anne Hathaway, Darren Criss, Kelly Osbourne, James Van Der Beek, Jennifer Garner, Alicia Keys and Susan Sarandon, the video reminds viewers how many girls worldwide face obstacles and opposition to their getting an education -- and how important it is that we keep advocating for their right to do so.

Find out more about Let Girls Learn by visiting the website, or join the conversation online with the tag #letgirlslearn.