The 'Free Agents' Finals Are Underway! Who's Destined For A Win?

Now's the time to place your bets.

After a season that led to broken bones, severed friendships and a rather unfortunate upper-respiratory infection (poor Frank!), we're only one episode away from finding out which guy and girl will win "Challenge" gold. So who's it gonna be?

After an 11th-hour elimination round sent the beastly CT home, the game has blown wide open on the guys' side. Johnny Bananas is a tried and true champ but admitted on last night's episode that "Free Agents" -- which has found him in multiple elimination rounds -- has left him exhausted.

Johnny Reilly, on the other hand, has never been on the chopping block. With luck on his side, he seems rested and ready to take on what host TJ Lavin deemed the most difficult thing the final six competitors would ever have to do in their lives.

Zach, meanwhile, may be built like a brick house and has won multiple missions on "Free Agents," but he got off to a rough start in the final's first leg with Devyn as his canoe's co-pilot.

Speaking of Devyn, the master politician has earned her way to a second consecutive finale. And though she has admitted she's not an obvious physical threat, she's been victorious every time the game has gotten intellectual.

Laurel, who's got brains and brawn (remember -- she just sent Theresa packing in a puzzle-oriented elimination round), is an undisputed warrior. But she'll be the first to tell you that in three finals, she's never managed to ascend past second place.

Lastly, Nany, who's begun her very first final on a high note, has been on a tear lately. She snatched first place in the game's last two missions, but she admitted to Bananas that she isn't sure she's got what it takes to go the distance.

So, all things considered, which two competitors do you think will walk away winners at the end of the twenty-fifth "Challenge" season? Place your bets!

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