Relive The 23 Funniest Moments From 'Orange Is The New Black'

'You don't go Jessica Simpson when you've got Rihanna.'

It's been two weeks since Netflix premiered season 2 of its hit lady-prison series, "Orange Is The New Black," bringing more scandal and heartbreak to Litchfield.

And while we cried along with each and every Litchfield inmate, we also couldn't help but laugh. In between all the drama were plenty of hilarious moments and lines that were sassy yet profound, crazy yet relateable...and we'll be quoting them until season 3.

Now that we've recovered from 13 hours of binge-watching, let's relive the greatest lines of Piper, Pennsatucky, Taystee & Co. from this season:

And if you haven't finished yet don't spoil anything for yourself and bookmark this for later, you've been warned!

1. Flaca and Maritza Perfectly Define Love

2. That Time Pennsatucky Was A 'Dictator'

3. Larry Earns The Title Of Worst Ex-Fiance Ever

4. Daya Finally Opens Up To Her Mom

5. Vee Asks A Serious Question About 'The Fault In Our Stars'

6. And Then Pennsatucky Channeled Augustus From 'TFIOS'

7. When Hitman>Rapist

8. The Nicest Complement Fig Has Ever Received

9. It was really scary!

10. Father And Son Bonding Time

11. "Toy Story" Gets A New Perspective

12. Pennsatucky Really Is A True Friend

13. Morello Totally Gets The Pop Diva Hierarchy

14. Did Black Cindy Just Read Our Minds?

15. The Meth Head Found A Way To Be A Little Creepier

16. We Can All Relate To Officer Fischer

17. Excuse Me, Are You...?

18. Getting A #Fierce 'Do

19. Get To Know Your Chachas

20. Pennsatucky Gets Her Confidence Back

21. Taystee And Poussey's Friendship Is All That Matters

22. That's Exactly How You Pronounce It

23. See Nuns Run

And The Worst Moment: Waiting For Season 3...