Are Style Bloggers The New Startup Millionaires? Yep.

Plus, free clothes!

So you've got great fashion sense, a steady presence online and a hefty number of followers. Well, according to a new Women's Wear Daily article, maintaining your own style blog can land you up to $1 million a year -- and maybe even a book deal.

The gig becomes lucrative, in part, because the very companies you praise will pay for that honor. If they want you to promote their clothing line through an appearance -- whether in person or on the Internet -- some companies will pay bloggers up to $15,000. Not to mention that you'll get those clothes (and shoes. Oh, the shoes...) for free. And if you drive customers to their site, you can earn money from those referrals too.

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BryanBoy -- you know BryanBoy, because, hello, "ANTM" -- says he isn't in the millionaires' club just yet, but he makes enough to "live comfortably and be able to not wear samples and buy my clothes retail." Which means ... he makes a bunch of dough. After all, the dude is cozying up to famous fashion people like Anna Wintour, Jason Wu and Rebecca Minkoff (above). According to WWD, he was paid $40,000 just to show up at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Bangkok’s Siam Center. Talk about clout.

According to RewardStyle, Rachel Parcell, 23, of Pink Peonies, is estimated to be making at least $960,000 from affiliate programs (websites that will pay you commission for sending readers to their site) alone in a year. And Leandra Medine's influential Man Repeller blog landed her a book deal. The 25-year-old now has her own staff and is a staple at fashion shows.

Looks like we should all quit our day jobs...