Tyler Posey Spends His Day Off From 'Teen Wolf' In Equally Badass Form

When he's not tearing through Beacon Hills, TyPo's riding his prized hog.

When our beloved Tyler Posey isn't busy rescuing his "Teen Wolf" bestie from demon warriors and offing the various baddies that swarm Beacon Hills, he has quite an extensive list of extracurricular activities.

During his down time, TyPo can be found cuddling with his furry friends (puppies and zoo animals alike), getting inked and playing old pop-punk hits on his acoustic. His latest obsession, though? Riding his hog.

"I got the day off from work so I'm gonna be riding on hog! @HarleyDavidson #HDWorldRide," TyPo captioned the Instagram snapshot above.

According to our research, the actor takes his motorcycle very seriously. Dubbed "James VanderBIKE" (could he be a closet "Dawson's Creek" fan?), the custom Sportster 48 comes in second to the love of his life, fiancée Seana Gorlick. He's put in hours upon hours to construct the ride of his dreams, installing drag bars, brass grips and many more parts we know absolutely nothing about. Next on the list? Ass-less leather chaps. JUST kidding, but a blogger can dream, right? Sorry, not sorry.

FOUR MORE DAYS, you guys. How excited are you, on a scale of 1 to 1,000,000??