Against Me!'s 'Drinking With The Jocks' Lyric Video Is Intense: Watch

Against Me! unleash another furious punk-stomper.

If you're looking for a subtle commentary on the nuances of contemporary gender politics, then you've come to the wrong place my friend. With its spittle-filled invective against stereotypical concepts of masculinity, Against Me!'s new lyric video for "Drinking With the Jocks" continues thematically other videos from the band's Transgender Dysphoria Blues like “FYLIFE666” and "Black Me Out".

"I'm drinking with the jocks/ I'm laughing at the f----ts," Laura Jane Grace screams in the furious metal-punk stomper. "Just like one of the boys/ Swinging my di-- in my hand."

The tongue-in-cheek lyrics are laid out over a video (directed by Steak Mtn) that's a jumble of similarly evocative images including: a hot dog placed suspiciously close to a hatchet (not sure what that means), a skull bouncing on top of a decapitated body, a casket, and black-and-white pin-up-style "sexy" photos.

It's yet another stridently defiant work from Against Me! that also reflects the ever-evolving national conversation about trans issues. As Grace reminds us toward the end of the song: "There will always be a difference between me and you." If that means the titular "jocks" of the song, then consider me in the same boat.

Watch Against Me!'s 'Drinking With The Jocks' Video