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Cameron Diaz 'Teabags The S--t Out Of' Jason Segel In Exclusive 'Sex Tape' Red-Band Trailer

Coming to a theater near you.

Welcome to Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz's sex dojo, everyone. Take a step inside. The water's plenty warm, and plenty horrifying.

In the new red-band trailer for "Sex Tape," which MTV is exclusively debuting, we go a little deeper and harder into married couple Annie and Jay's technological nightmare: Accidentally syncing their just-for-fun sex tape to all the iPads they gave out as gifts to friends, family and coworkers. Ruh-roh. Also explored in the trailer is the nightmare of getting kneed in the vagina. (Sorry, Cameron. Way to take one for the team.)

In the process of trying to retrieve and/or destroy all the copies of their leaked bone-a-thon (they go on a mission to duplicate each page in "The Joy Of Sex," which would require not only a lot of stamina and resistance to chafing, but also a pretty clever camera set-up and tripod situation), Annie and Jay must do lines of cocaine, grapple with a double-ended sex toy and wonder how to perform CPR on a dog.

Not your typical date night, to say the least.

"Sex Tape" is directed by Jake Kasdan, who also led Segel and Diaz in 2011's "Bad Teacher."

"Sex Tape" hits theaters July 18.