22 Times We Felt Personally Victimized By 'Game Of Thrones'

We can try to forgive, but we shall never forget.

For fans of HBO's "Game of Thrones," an integral part of the viewing experience is that moment -- a moment which occurs multiple times over the course of any given season -- at which you clap your hands over your eyes and scream, "Why the @#$% am I watching this?!"

Because despite being one of the most highly-regarded dramas on television, "Game of Thrones" has never been shy about throwing its audience a surprise faceful of WTF JUST HAPPENED, usually followed by a generous serving of IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE THAT I LIKED IT. So while we begin the long wait for the show's fifth season to return next spring, we're looking back at all the times the show basically, awesomely ruined our lives.

1. When it made twincest look sexy. Stop making us enjoy this.

2. When they Old Yellered Sansa's direwolf.

3. When Littlefinger betrayed Ned.

4. And when Ned Stark lost his head. How many seasons ago was this? Don't care. Still not over it.

5. When we could actually see Viserys Targaryen's brain start boiling.

6. When they gave us Khal Drogo, and then took him away.

7. Every time we had to see Joffrey Baratheon make this face.

8. When it was well past time for Robin Arryn to start using a sippy cup.

9. When they made the most disgusting version ever of "The Miracle of Life."

10. When they introduced the Hot Rat Bucket Torture Technique.

11. Literally everything that ever happened in Craster's Keep.

12. When we actually felt sorry for Theon Greyjoy.

13. When they took a perfectly good sex scene and then covered it in leeches.

14. When they added insult to the Unsullied's injury.

15. When they botched Littlefinger's best line from the books.

16. When Jaime did that to Cersei in front of Joffrey's dead body. (We can't even GIF it, it was so bad.)

17. When Shae betrayed Tyrion. BOOOO, SHAE.

18. When that shot of naked Daario Naharis only lasted for, like, eight seconds.

19. When Oberyn Martell's head was squashed like a melon.

20. And of course, have we mentioned the Red Wedding?

21. Furthermore, have we mentioned the part where they keep reminding us of the Red Wedding by playing "The Rains of Castamere" every other episode?

22. We wish we could quit you, "Game of Thrones." But instead, we can't wait to see you next year.