Holy Sith: Defeat Every Jedi In 'Star Wars' With These 8 Killer Moves

Revenge of the Sith indeed.

"At last, we shall reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we shall have our revenge."

So speak the Sith Lords featured in these new illustrations from Pere Pérez, the mastermind behind a series of inventive new Jedi moves that J.J. Abrams really ought to look at for the currently shooting "Star Wars: Episode VII" — moves like "Creating the Void" and "Deadly Attraction":

While Pérez said he was done dabbling in the art of Jedi swordsmanship for the time being, his retirement was short-lived — and now, he's focusing on the dark side of The Force.

Pérez provided MTV News with these exclusive illustrations of moves that Sith Lords can and should utilize against their Jedi opponents. While the Sith are capable of using any of the Jedi moves that Pérez previously outlined, these moves are exclusively designed for the villains, with a reliance on "Palpatinian" tactics like Force lightning, excessive torture, and straight-up punk moves.

"Some people told me that the Jedi moves were too aggressive or lacked the honor to be Jedi moves," Pérez tells MTV. "These Dark Force moves are my reply to that. They represent what I think it means to fight without a moral code."

Check out all of Pérez's new moves in the illustrations below:

What do you think of these new Dark Force fight moves?