Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's 'Celebrity Adventure' Game Looks Like Everything You'd Thought It'd Be

Can YOU make it to the A-list?

"Hey, doll."

The Kim Kardashian video game that is actually happening has finally given us a taste of what's involved. Kimmy herself released a 15-second trailer on Instagram, and, well, it's probably just what you expected.

The opening scene of the "Kim Kardashian Hollywood" game promises you can join Kim "on your own celebrity adventure." Well, what exactly does that adventure entail? Here's the deets:

You'll "hit the hottest club, flirt and fall in love." (Obvi!) And then your boyfriend will shower you in flowers and cash.

Let's not forget photo shoots. I mean, how are you going to "make the A list?"

Kim Kardashian

And you'll be able to create your own star look with hundreds of style options.

We just cannot wait. Bible.