Four Times The 'Awkward' Ski Trip's Chaperones Were Conveniently MIA

White powder, a pregnancy test and a key party. Just your typical, school-sanctioned weekend?

Let Tuesday night's mid-season finale of "Awkward" be a lesson in adult supervision.

While Eva/Amber was off taking pregnancy tests, Juke was unraveling and Sherlock Sadie was unleashing her inner Olivia Benson, the PHHS senior class ski trip chaperones were doing anything but...chaperoning.

Val was busy deciding which fanny pack would most impress the hunky ski bear, and Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton were obsessed with making freshies (huh?) in the snow. When their "adult" guidance was needed most, they were nowhere to be found, which made the entire excursion seem a lot like college spring break, or an early '80s movie (see: "Hot Dog").

Here are four times a suitable chaperone would have come in handy:

1. Uninvited college guy crashes the party. Jenna was two steps away from finding herself right back in Lonely Girl Territory, until her older beau trekked all the way from SCU to rescue her from a solo ski vacay. Big ups to Luke for trying to be a good boyfriend, but remind us how his presence didn't raise a red flag?

Just checking... Jenna IS still in high school, right?

2. Sadie trespasses after getting kicked off the trip. The second Sadie found proof that Eva might be a complete psychopath, she hauled ass to the resort (and promptly scared the living daylights out of Jenna), despite being booted off the bus for yanking her mortal enemy's pigtails.

Our reaction exactly, Jenna.

3. A key party. Key parties are when men throw their room keys in a bowl and the ladies pick one at random, determining who they spend the night with. They're for adults, and, ahem, most adults don't even partake in them.

Who are we kidding, Val and Lacey would looove a key party.

4. A pair of students left the resort entirely and broke into a stranger's log cabin. In a desperate bid to impress Matty, Eva made it seem like she knew the owners of a fancy suburban house and made herself right at home in the deserted cabin. That is, until she got caught, making this Lie No. 347.

This is Matty under his dear psycho's evil spell.

+ Was PHHS' senior class ski trip anything like your own high school's? Tell us in the comments!