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Hey Southern States, Katy Perry Wants To Eat All Your Food

Warning: Mouth-watering photos ahead.

Europe was cool and all, but Katy Perry is ready to come home and kick off the North American leg of her Prismatic World Tour on Sunday night in Raleigh, North Carolina. The "Birthday" singer is headed straight to the deep south this weekend, and that means she's about to hit some good eats.

KP has had her fill of fish and chips. She's so stoked to dive face-first into some classic American fare, that she had to convey it with a rash of food emojis.

This host of infamous chain restaurants were born and bred in the southern states that Katy will be hitting in the coming week. So, we'll make this binge easy by hand-picking the #1 dishes Katy needs to indulge in (after all, she's burning like a million calories a night with those elaborate performances).

North Carolina - Krispy Kreme

Katy left this staple out of her tweet, but you just don't leave North Carolina without stuffing your face directly into a Krispy Kreme doughnut. In homage to Katy's "Birthday" hit, we recommend the limited-release Birthday Cake Batter Doughnut.

Tennessee - Cracker Barrel

It's important to star the day with a well-rounded, wholesome meal, and thankfully Cracker Barrel knows how to do breakfast right. After dancing the night away onstage, Katy should wrap her mouth around the Multigrain n' Granola Pancake Breakfast. The balance of protein, carbs and a serving of fruit will do her body good. (Hopefully she can fit one of those classic rockers into the tour bus!)

Georgia - Hooters & Waffle House

There's only one thing you go to Hooters for: the wings. There's also the atmosphere to account for, but Katy's well-endowed enough to rock her own Hooters Girl uniform.

The same story goes for Waffle House. Get yourself some butter-soaked waffles and a Coke for brunch. Go crazy on the toppings. ALL THE FRUIT. AND THE CHOCOLATE. You deserve it, girl.

Florida - Olive Garden

There's no better place to find the "taste of Italy" than in an Olive Garden in Florida. Obviously you have start with the classic house salad and breadsticks, but we recommend following that up with the Baked Parmesan Shrimp. Ziti pasta, shrimp and lots of cheese -- you just can't go wrong. Buon appetito!