See Robin Thicke's Super Earnest Track List For Paula

The album includes titles like 'Love Can Grow Back' and 'Still Madly Crazy.'

Robin Thicke has been open about the fact that he messed up with estranged wife Paula Patton, and in the months since they announced their separation, he's started something like a campaign to win her back.

Most recently -- after releasing its lead single "Get Her Back" -- the "Blurred Lines" singer announced that his next album would be called Paula.

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And judging by the just-released Paula track list and album artwork, he's not slowing down his campaign any time soon. With tracks like "Still Madly Crazy," "Love Can Grow Back" and "Forever Love," it's clear that Thicke thinks that he can, indeed, get her back.

"Her being an intricate part of my life the last 20 years I had a lot to talk about," he said of the album on Steve Harvey's radio show earlier this week, adding that he wrote it in about a week. "I gotta impress her somehow."

Here's the full track list:

1. “You’re My Fantasy”

2. “Get Her Back”

3. “Still Madly Crazy”

4. “Lock the Door”

5. “Whatever I Want”

6. “Living in New York City”

7. “Love Can Grow Back”

8. “Black Tar Cloud”

9. “Too Little Too Late”

10. “Tippy Toes”

11. “Something Bad”

12. “The Opposite of Me”

13. “Time of Your Life”

14. “Forever Love”

Paula will be released on July 1.