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Watch Game Go All 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' In 'Bigger Than Me' Video

Game is out for blood.

By Maurice Bobb

The Game goes full-on "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" for his latest video, “Bigger Than Me.”

The Matt Alonzo-directed clip is loosely based on the classic slasher film, with the Compton rapper holed up in a big, creepy white mansion spitting incendiary lines at rappers and throwing shade at singer Frank Ocean's sexuality with lines like, “Hey Frank Ocean/Go ‘head and f-ck these f-ck n---as.”

Though he’s not wearing a mask, Game channels the horror villain Leatherface, hunting and terrorizing as a chainsaw-wielding killer of rappers not named Nas, Jigga, Em, 50, Pun, Pac and Biggie.

“N—as talkin’ that sh– ’bout a new generation/ Man, f–k these n—as, I’ll slash ya f–kin’ face in/ You n—as ain’t sold sh–, not an album or a rock,” he raps.

In between visuals of the “ying, ying, ying” sound of the buzzing chainsaw, Game can be seen on a red velvet throne flanked by white wolves as he spits gnashing bars at the 2014 XXL Freshman Class like, “I came in with ‘Ye, Jeezy, and boss ass n---as/Your freshmen cover a whole bunch of soft ass n---as/Tampon lyricists evacuate the premises.”

“Bigger Than Me” is the first single off his Blood Money La Familia LP, scheduled to be released on September 16.

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