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Would Lupe Fiasco Release A Sequel To 'The Cool?' -- He Already Has The Storyline

We'd really be into it.

Lupe Fiasco is gearing up to drop his Tetsuo & Youth album this fall, led by the singles "Mission" and "Next to It," but might we see another Lupe sequel down the line? The Chicago rapper released Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 in 2012, and he tells MTV News that he really considered releasing a follow up to 2007's The Cool, called...The Hot.

In theory, the sequel would've furthered the storyline of his character. "I wanted to pick it up with his daughter. If you follow the story of The Cool, he has a daughter and that's who he was going to go see," Lupe explained. "It leaves off with him being on the train and getting robbed."

"I was gonna pick it up to where he goes back to his neighborhood and gets in touch with his daughter and it's this whole weird thing that starts to play out," he continued. "But it wasn't gonna be a hip-hop story, it was gonna be super simple."

Since Lupe is currently juggling a couple of projects, we might not see that sequel anytime soon -- if at all. Next up is his Black Vietnam album with S1, which took shape after they recorded multiple tracks together that couldn't all fit on Testuo & Youth.

"It's me and [S1's] Gang Starr kinda piece -- he does the beats, I do the raps," Lu explained. "I had this concept called Black Vietnam that I was gonna give to Kanye but he didn't want it, so it's an extension [of that and] the records we made for Tetsuo and Youth. It might be independent, or it might be somewhere we sign with."

Oh -- and he's already working on another solo project.

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