Mistah F.A.B.

Mistah F.A.B. Doesn’t Want Beef With DJ Mustard To Turn Into ‘The Bay Vs. L.A.’

'It's done.'

Mistah F.A.B. and DJ Mustard gave hip-hop fans plenty to talk about after their June 8 fight, but now the Oakland rapper and songwriter is ready to move on.

F.A.B. says that the whole thing started after an interview with Power 105 in New York back in September. During the interview Fab, commented on DJ Mustard's bass-heavy production style and said it was derived from a traditional Bay Area sound.

In May, Mustard did an interview on the same station and was bothered that Fab implied that he stole the sound -- even though F.A.B. now points out to us that he never used the word "stole."

"I said, 'I enjoy it, I love it because our sound is winning right now.' What I mean by 'our sound' is sonically what the Bay Area has created," F.A.B. explained to MTV News on Tuesday in a phone interview.

F.A.B. was further bothered by Mustard's dismissive response, and the producer's assertion that Mistah F.A.B. was acting "gay" by commenting on Mustard's sound and tracing its origins to the Bay Area. "He felt to single my name out and I didn't understand that. And it was the words that followed after that," Fab said.

It was with that in mind that F.A.B. went to approach Mustard while he was DJ'ing at a Bay Area club on June 8. Fab insists however that he didn't go to Mustard with the intention of starting a fight -- just to talk.

The talk didn't go so well though. Fab hit Mustard and immediately after, members of Mustard's crew retaliated, attacking F.A.B. in a melee that was caught on video.

"I walked into a building and they were 20-plus deep. I knew what I was getting into when I did it," Fab reflected. "I didn't go in there with no malicious intent to do no B.S. -- I went in there to holla like a man.

"It's just the response wasn't the response [that I] was expecting to get," he continued. "So I reacted like any dude would react that's protecting his integrity and the brand that he's built."

Mistah F.A.B. says he has no intention of continuing the beef and he certainly doesn't want it to turn into a turf war, since he hails from the Bay Area and Mustard is from Los Angeles.

"It wasn't nothing like some Bay versus L.A., that's what cats wanna make it. But it ain't that. It wasn't that," he said. "This was me and Mustard. Whatever happened, happened, it's done, let's go back to doing what we do."