Snapchat Isn't Just About Sexting Anymore -- Check Out Its Newest Feature

It all starts at Electric Daisy Carnival.

Pretty soon you'll have a whole new reason to raise your phone at a concert. Snapchat is rolling out a new feature called Our Story that will allow multiple people to create a group story at events and concerts.

The new feature, according to Snapchat's blog, will be in testing at the Electric Daisy Carnival music festival in Las Vegas next weekend. While there, users will be able to share their photos and videos with "Our EDC Story," which will appear under the "Send To" section of the app during the event. Snapchat will then create one big story from all the content and send it to those who have friended the EDCLive account.

Only those who are at the show -- with their location services turned on -- will be able to contribute. All users will be able to check out the results, however.

We're not sure how this feature will function beyond Electric Daisy -- or if individual users will be able to create their own group stories -- but it has the potential to make concert-going an even more interactive experience.

Our Story is a spin on Snapchat's My Story, which allows users to string all the photos and videos they snap in a day into a narrative that they can then share with friends.