You’ll Never Guess Which Singer Is Shailene Woodley’s Dream Part

She 'Can't Wait'. Get it?

Shailene Woodley has made a career of playing strong female characters, and it looks like she wants to add another to her resume: Stevie Nicks.

The “Fault In Our Stars” actress told Women’s Health that playing the singer-songwriter in a biopic would be one of her dream roles.

“I would love to play Stevie Nicks,” Woodley said. “She’s just such a fascinating woman who’s lived such a life and is still living such a life. Her music was really profound for me in my life. Yeah, I think it’d be an adventure to play Stevie Nicks.”

Nicks was one of the most influential singer-songwriters of her generation, someone who is as unique as any musician out there. She’s also no stranger to the screen, having guest starred in a couple episodes of “American Horror Story: Coven” just this year.

“I love that there is no other Stevie Nicks in this world,” Woodley said. “She is so fully herself, and undividedly herself … No one is going to be the next Stevie Nicks, and Stevie Nicks was not the next anyone.”