Get A Crash Course In Kate Argent's Crazy Before Her 'Teen Wolf' Return

We're reviewing all the reasons the werewolf hunter truly terrifies us.

Reunions -- family, high school or otherwise -- are typically joyful affairs. But the gang on "Teen Wolf" is about to once again meet up with a sociopathic, cold-blooded killer, and she might just kill the party mood.

When the show returns on Monday, June 23 at 10/9c, it'll reintroduce viewers to a reborn Kate Argent. You remember the badass blonde: Her throat was slashed by Peter Hale at the end of Season 1, but she mysteriously came back from the dead as...something...on last season's finale. Before bleeding out, Kate became infamous for eliminating her enemies (and even innocent bystanders) without a second thought. But if your "Teen Wolf" love affair didn't take shape until Season 2, or if you've forgotten how truly cruel Chris' sister can be, here's a little refresher:

Kate wasted no time drawing blood when she first popped up on the show. While en route to Beacon Hills, she was attacked by the mysterious Alpha Wolf; when she noticed Derek acting in cahoots with the monster, she sent a wolfsbane bullet straight through him. Sure, in this case, she was defending herself, but she appeared to take great pleasure in gunning Derek down. And soon, we'd discover why.

Derek, who spent a good deal of Season 1 guiding Scott through his transformation into a werewolf, later explained to the beta that Kate -- like her brother, Chris -- was a werewolf hunter. The difference between them? She was a renegade. The Argent family code explicitly stated that no werewolf hunter had grounds to kill a being that hadn't, itself, killed. But Derek revealed that Kate had set fire to the Hale family household years earlier and left much of Derek and Peter's family -- including children -- dead. Did she feel guilty for the collateral damage? Not so much.

Later in the season, after a fiery confrontation at the Hale house that found Scott and Derek under attack, Kate wounded Derek yet again and made him her prisoner. In addition to rigging him up to a series of steel bars, she mercilessly recounted the story of watching his family members burn. For good measure, she also sent in a lackey to do some physical damage.

Kate's behavior was equally bad on the Season 1 finale. When she felt that her protege Allison was finally ready to enter the werewolves-versus-hunters battle fray, she took the girl hunting for -- surprise, surprise -- Derek and Scott. Kate wasted no time in getting busy: She shot Derek as soon as she had a chance. Thankfully, Chris showed up to remind Kate that offing Scott, who'd barely ever harmed a fly, was in violation of the code. She wasn't very receptive, however, forcing Chris to fire a warning bullet just to get her to back off.

Minutes later, after jumping into the confrontation, Peter dragged his claws across Kate's jugular and put her down for good...or so we thought. Now that she's back in action, do you think she'll be as ruthless? Watch the trailer to catch a bit of Kate: Resurrected!