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Wait -- Young Thug And Migos Actually Have Record Deals?

Both acts are signed with the label 300.

So, this clears up a lot of confusion. A few months ago, we learned that Young Thug signed a couple of contracts and got himself in a twisted label situation, while Migos have declined to reveal whether or not they're pursuing an official deal. Now Kevin Liles has shed some light on the situation, confirming that both Thugga and Migos are signed to 300.

Liles launched the new label, 300, with Lyor Cohen and Todd Moscowitz earlier this year, signing artist Raz Simone. And it looks like they're extending the roster fairly quickly.

In an interview with Revolt Liles revealed that both acts are affiliated with the label, though he's only quoted mentioning the "Stoner" rapper. “We have a deal with Young Thug that I’m excited about,” he said. “There’s four artists that we’re [also] in the midst of working things out with that I can’t really say."

“Our business motto is this, if you’re out there taking risks, we wanna reward you with a great deal,” Liles added. “There should be no cookie-cutter deal. There should be a smorgasbord of deals that we could do with entrepreneurs. We built a platform, similar to what we did with Roc-A-Fella, Murder Inc., Disturbing Tha Peace, Ruff Ryders, we just provided platforms for people to build companies.”

Migos are prepping their debut album Y.R.N. 2 for release later this year, and maybe we'll get Thugga's #hiTunes project soon, as well.