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'Pretty Little Liars' Just Told Its Worst Lie Yet

Really, Alison? REALLY?!


We repeat: Nooooooooooooooooooo! This can't be happening! Just when it seemed like "Pretty Little Liars" was going to enter an exciting new chapter with the latest incarnation of A being dead and Alison headed back to Rosewood High, the head, "dead" Liar had to go ahead and do that. Instead of finally telling the police the truth when she had the chance, and letting some of the elders stick their hands into the whole A business, Alison told a lie that will completely send Detective Holbrook's investigation off-course, and once again find the Liars on their own when it comes to dealing with the cyber-terrorists who haunt them.

Because, honestly, now — we all know that the Uber A isn't really dead. How long he or she keeps their head down while characters like Mona and Melissa make life difficult remains to be seen (and could be really interesting, at least in terms of shifting power dynamics), but we were pretty excited — this being season five, and all — to see some actual progress made in the search for A after so many years of waiting. Alison finally coming back and sharing her stories with the people who are trying their best to help her seemed like the perfect impetus for that progress to occur, but now she's set the whole thing back a season or two by sending Holbrook and co. off on a wild goose chase for the kidnapper who never actually existed. Way to live up to your reputation, Ali.

Now, don't get us wrong — we're all about the power foursome (fivesome?) solving crime. It's what the show is all about, and the teens of "PLL" are often just as competent, if not more so, than their adult counterparts. However, after 90-something episodes of the same thing, we were more than a little ready to let a few more characters in on the secret.

What did you think of "Whirly Girly," PLL fans? Do you agree that lying to everyone was a terrible move, or are you happy that the ladies are going to try to tackle A all by themselves for another season? Let us know in the comments!