Mr. Grey, We'll See You Now: First Still Of Jamie Dornan As Christian Grey

We finally have our first shade of Grey.

We've kind of known what Christian Grey, the titular Grey of "Fifty Shades Of Grey," will look like in the film adaptation of the bestseller since, well, we know he's played by Jamie Dornan, and there are a ton of pictures of the Irish actor.

Still, fans of "Fifty Shades" had to be at least a little upset that the only view of Dornan as Grey that they got was of his back, as he stood Don Draper-style overlooking a city from behind a giant glass window.

Well, worry no more! Focus Features has released the first still of Christian Grey, and this time it's a full frontal shot (sorry, not in that way).

Focus Features

Grey is sitting in what we can only presume is a very expensive, very sexy car, driving it dangerously with only one hand on the wheel — in a sensual leather jacket — while giving a smoldering look to something off-camera.

Ok, maybe he's just checking his mirrors (objects may be sexier than they appear). But hey, it's all we have.

Don't worry, fans! We're sure more photos of Dornan as Christian Grey will surface very soon, with the movie only eight months away. For now, at least we have this.