Are Speidi Finally Ready To Spawn?

Former 'Hills' star Heidi Montag revealed that hubby Spencer Pratt may be on board with having a baby!

It's no secret that Heidi Montag has had babies on the brain for quite some time (after all, she was "born ready" to be a mom). Her only obstacle on the road to motherhood: hubby Spencer Pratt, who has made it clear that he might never want to procreate.

But are times a changin' in the Speidi household? Maybe so, based on what the blond beauty hinted to a fan on Twitter:

Talk about a bombshell! Could it be that former "Hills" villain Spencer, who once said that the world doesn't want his spawn, is warming up to the idea of parenthood?

We certainly hope so, and here's why: Frankly, we do want some Speidi mini-mes running around with magic crystals. What could be more fun than that? Plus, it's the perfect time for Heidi to get preggers: Her old pal, party girl-turned-mom Kristin Cavallari, just had another son, so any Speidi juniors would have an age-appropriate playmate. Best of all, Heidi will be able to plan kickass birthday parties for her very own child, instead of her seven-year-old neighbor.

We'll start coming up with baby names now; in the meantime, the longtime couple (they've been married for five years) will split up...for on an upcoming episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap." Maybe absence really will make the heart grow fonder, and that Speidi baby will be here before we know it!

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Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images