Jillian Rose Reed Bottle-Feeds Co-Star Barret Swatek -- With Booze

As Nikki Deloach feeds son Hudson, her 'Awkward' co-stars try something a little...different.

Desi Lydic's Instagram

After years of practice, fetching booze for the disturbed Aunt Ally has become second nature to Jenna Hamilton and her "Awkward" pals -- and it looks like life might just be imitating art.

While watching their show's mid-season finale last night, Desi Lydic, who plays wayward guidance counselor Valerie Marks, posted a photo of Nikki Deloach (a.k.a. Hot Mama Hamilton) feeding her baby son Hudson (awww). Also featured in the pic: Jillian Rose Reed helping Barret Swatek, the actress behind notorious party girl (err, woman) Aunt Ally, get her drink on as well.

"Nursing our babies," Desi captioned the shot, which looks like the cover of an experimental issue of Motherhood magazine. Let's hope JRR's got a burp cloth handy, because you just know Barret's the type to spit up all over your shoulder.

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