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Lupe Fiasco Switches Gears With Ty Dolla $ign On 'Next To It'

The Chicago rapper dips into the 'ratchet' portion of Tetsuo & Youth.

(Lupe Fiasco talks working with Ty Dolla $ign on 'ratchet' records)

Lupe Fiasco gave us the first taste of his Tetsuo & Youth album with the emotional single "Mission," but the Chicago rapper switches gears completely with "Next to It," featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

This takes us into what Lupe calls the 'ratchet' portion of his album. Though the catchy beat is something you could jam to at a party, there's also some of Lu's signature funk in there as well. "Next to It" premiered on Chicago radio station 107.5 on Tuesday, so stay tuned for the official stream.

“The album is compartmentalized into different zones,” Lupe told MTV News of Tetsuo & Youth. “So there’s a ratchet zone on the album — unapologetic, summer in the club, freaknik type records but with a Lupe twist. [I thought..] let’s put out substance first, lets do ‘Mission’ and actually create something substantial, then lets have an afterparty.”