Somewhere In The World There Is A Secret R-Pattz Rap Album

In his spare time, the "Rover" actor moonlights as a body-loathing hip hopper.

Robert Pattinson is a man of many talents, y'all. And if he hadn't ridden the "Twilight" train to superstardrom as the world's most beloved sparkly vampire boyfriend, he always had a backup plan: an alternate career in rap music, under the stage name "Big Tub."

R-Pattz revealed his secret rapping aspirations Tuesday, during an appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," admitting that he'd even gone so far as to record a few of his songs -- with inventive substitutions for studio sound effects.

"I didn't know how to scratch, so I used to pull up and down the zipper on my hoodie," he said.

The debut album by Robert "Big Tub" Pattinson drops never, probably, but at least we can all enjoy the idea of teeny, tiny, hoodie-wearing Rob, dropping rhymes and pulling zippers into a little tape recorder. Because that's adorable.