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Is Lil Jon's 'Bend Ova' The New 'Turn Down For What'? Take A Listen

Make it bounce like a yoga ball.

If you don't like being told what to do, Tyga and Lil Jon's new track "Bend Ova" is not for you. But if you're ready for some nostalgic "Get Low" action -- "bend over to the front, touch your toes" -- tune into this:

"Bend ova, make your knees touch ya elbows," Lil Jon starts the track, which he officially let loose Tuesday. In true "Turn Down For What" fashion, he repeats the same lines ova and ova. He the chimes in, "Hands on ya knees, bounce that ass like a yoga ball./ Hands on ya knees, bounce that ass like a yoga ball," all well a bleepy electronic beat protrudes through the background.

Some more demands from Tyga and Lil Jon:

"Wiggle that ass, make it shake like Jello."

"Stop playin', girl. Shake that sh--."

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In the end, "Bend Ova" has the same vibe as "Turn Down," but when we talked to Lil Jon, he assured us that the new track is something different.

“It’s pretty crazy. It’s not ‘Turn Down For What’ but it’s a song ladies can dance to,” he told MTV News.