'Off The Bat' Followed 50 Cent Back To Citi Field, And Here's What Happened

MTV2 cameras captured the rapper's attempt to redeem himself.

50 Cent made one of the biggest blunders in baseball history last month when he threw a pitch in front of thousands of Mets fans -- and completed missed his mark. But on tonight's "Off the Bat," he proved he won't let one lousy mistake keep him away from Citi Field.

"I'm nervous right now," the Queens rapper admits in the episode clip below as he makes his brave return to the scene of the crime. But he's not skittish for the reason you may think: Fiddy was there to perform his new single "Twisted," and he says his anxiety is simply a case of pre-performance jitters.

"No matter how many times you rehearse it, it's never exactly the way you rehearsed it on the night of," the rapper shares.

Either way, he comes up with a fool-proof plan to ensure he'll always hit a home run at Citi Field: "From now on, [the Mets] are going to open for me, and I'll show up at the end."

Did his strategy work? Watch the performance, and don't miss new "Off the Bat" episodes every Tuesday at 11/10c on MTV2.

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