From Shirtlessness To Swords: See The Evolution Of The 'Teen Wolf' Opening Credits

Take a look back at each of the series' heart-pounding sequences.

Every great adventure story needs a prologue to set the stage, and "Teen Wolf" is no different.

Since the show's second season (the first batch of episodes was a lower-maintenance affair), its opening credits have acted as an adrenaline-inducing kickoff to each episode's chills and bloodshed. And when the Season 4 version was released yesterday, we were reminded of how much it's changed over the years.

From the moment that Tyler Posey abruptly opens his eyes in the very first iteration to the swing of Arden Cho's blade in the most recent, we're taking a look back at each. Check 'em out, and be sure to tune in to the "Teen Wolf" premiere Monday, June 23 at 10/9c:

Season 2: "Teen Wolf" set the bar high with its first sequence, which finds a shirtless Tyler Posey in a rainstorm, plus Holland Roden being sucked into a shadowy abyss. Meanwhile, Colton Haynes leaps into the air while donning some signature Beacon Hills lacrosse gear. The segment has transformed a bunch since, but the mold didn't necessarily need to be broken.

Season 3A: This time around, Posey levitates in the woods before the addition of his tattoos become visual punctuation marks. There's also the sight of desperate hands grabbing at nothing in particular, which isn't creepy or anything.

Season 3B: This is the last time we'd see our beloved Crystal Reed yank back on her bowstring, but the first time we'd see an Oni warrior's face. Also, in select episodes of Season 3B, the music shifts to include a dubstep-heavy club beat. Are you allowed to dance while mourning the loss of a hero?

Season 4: Hope you've got some detergent handy, because this one's a little dirty...literally. Instead of rising, TyPo falls to his knees, setting off dust bombs. Dylan O'Brien, who'd gotten used to dramatically walking past his Jeep's headlights, intently solves a puzzle using red string. And, very excitingly, Shelley Hennig and Arden Cho become the series' first new actors to be added.