'16 And Pregnant' Poll: Should Savannah Trust Her Mother To Help Raise Rowan?

Melanie still can't get sober -- even when her daughter needs her most.

A teen mom turned to her alcoholic mother for help raising her baby boy on Monday's episode of "16 and Pregnant." It wasn't her first choice of caretakers, but then again, she didn't have a huge support system to choose from.

Throughout Savannah's life, her mom Melanie struggled to stay sober. She seemed to finally win her battle with the bottle, but that wasn't enough for Savannah's baby-daddy Stone. He still didn't approve of Melanie's behavior, and his disdain for her was one reason he and Savannah ended their relationship before their son Rowan was born.

Unfortunately, Stone's misgivings were valid: Melanie eventually fell off the wagon, much to her daughter's dismay.

"You have the option to not go get a drink," Savannah told her drunken mother. "I want to help you, but I don't know how to do that cause you don't really talk about it."

She admitted that, in turn, she needed Melanie's help. "When I got pregnant, you did tell me we were gonna do this together, and I feel like I'm doing it without you because of your drinking," Savannah said.

Savannah's concerns went beyond those about herself -- she also worried for her little brother, Ben. In fact, during an explosive argument, the young mom called the police because she felt Melanie wasn’t fit to care for him.

"You couldn’t stay sober for me when I was a kid, but the least you could do is help Ben grow up," she said.

After the confrontation, Stone made it clear that their son couldn't grow up in the same environment that housed Savannah and Ben. Savannah admitted that the situation may not change, but explained that she still had hope that it would.

"I don't know, but I have to have something to hold on to," she told Stone. "I need my mom."

It's easy to understand why Savannah's still staying positive that her mom can turn her life around for the better, but could it come at a hefty cost to her little brother and newborn son? Melanie continues to let her daughter down, and helping to care for a child while trying to recover from alcoholism could prove incredibly difficult. Weigh in with your thoughts on whether Melanie is capable of getting sober and stepping up as a grandmother.

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