Leonardo DiCaprio Throws $7 Million Into the Ocean

For charity! Because unlike Rose, the ocean never lets go, Jack.

Celebrity actorperson and do-gooder extraordinaire Leo DiCaprio is putting big bucks into the ocean: like 7 million of 'em.

Because just like so many of us (just check our 4th grade yearbook), as a wee bairn DiCaprio dreamed of becoming not an actor... but something far more fishy: "Before I wanted to become an actor, I dreamt of becoming a marine biologist," he stated.

And though that earlier dream didn't really work out for him — much to his chagrin, we're sure — thanks to his current position as forever-heartthrob of our '90s-loving hearts, he's seen just how poorly we've treated our mystical waters and wants to do something to do something about it. You know, affect a little bit of positive change for the blue part of our planet.

Speaking at the State Department's "Our Ocean" conference on Tuesday, the actor spoke of witnesses "firsthand" just how terrible we've been to our waters. "What we need is sustained activism and courageous political leadership. We cannot afford to be bystanders in this pre-apocalyptic scenario," hence the multi-million dollar donation by way of his charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

"My foundation, as Secretary Kerry recently announced, gave a $3 million grant to the organization, Oceana, to support their efforts to support sharks, marine mammals, and key ocean habitat in the Eastern Pacific," the actor stated. "Today I am here to commit even more of my foundation's resources to this cause. I'm pledging an additional $7 million to meaningful ocean conservation projects over the next two years."

DiCaprio continued, pleading with the audience — and the world at large — to heed his warning and consider the cause's importance. "This isn't simply an exercise in wildlife conservation. If we don't do something to save the ocean now, it won't be just the sharks and the dolphins that suffer. It will be our children and our grandchildren."

You can check out more photos from the announcement here and get additional information about the conference here.