Watch The ‘Rising Star’ Set Video Kesha’s ‘Not Supposed To’ Instagram

Her rapport with fellow expert Brad Paisley. SO CUTE.

Even though we’ve still got a couple more days to go until ABC’s “Rising Star” premieres this Sunday (June 22), that won’t stop Kesha, who serves on the live-voting music competition’s panel of experts, from giving us a sneak peek.

“I think I’m not supposed to do this,” Kesha says to the camera, soon deciding: “I’m gonna do it anyway!” Moral quandaries — who needs ‘em!

There aren’t any big spoilers revealed in the “Die Young” singer’s video, Instagrammed late Monday night, unless you count the fact that “Rising Star” has a set with pretty lighting — in which case, watch more TV.

Still, the real draw of the video is getting to see the artist formerly known as K-Dolla buddying it up with her fellow expert, country singer Brad Paisley. Just remember to stay in Kesha’s good graces, Brad! Our girl is not one to be f–ked with.

Bad at filling out bios seeks same.