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Watch 3 One Direction Concerts In 3 Minutes With This Insane Time-Lapse Video

Fast forward through the three best nights of your life.

Not all of us get the luxury of going to a One Direction concert -- and especially not three. But luckily for Directioners, we can all watch three consecutive concert right now. And it only takes three minutes!

OK, sure, you don't get to see Harry's headbands or squeal at Zayn's high notes, but the clip speeds up the days-long process that goes behind an arena-sized tour. Most of the time-lapse video shows stage set-up, while the concerts, which last a few hours, are merely a few flickers.

Sun rises, sun falls, and 1D are on again. Thousands of people filter in and out. Now imagine that this three-night stay at London's Wembley Arena (June6-8) as just a small chunk of their Where We Are Tour. The guys and their tour crew do this almost every night.

If that doesn't give you the heebie-jeebies, I don't know what will.