Exclusive: Ed Sheeran Will Wipe Away Your Tears New Song, 'Shirtsleeves'

He may have had his heart broken, but he was still a perfect gentleman.

Even when he gets his heart broken, Ed Sheeran is still a stand-up guy.

On Friday (June 20) MTV exclusively premiered his brand new track, "Shirtsleeves," which is featured on the deluxe edition of X, and it's giving us all sorts of feels.

The guitar-driven ballad has Ed singing about offering up his shirtsleeves to wipe away his girlfriend's tears, even after she admits she's been cheating. Let the crying begin in 3...2...1.

"When salted tears wont dry/ I'll wipe my shirtsleeves under your eyes/ These hearts will be flooded tonight/ I'll wipe my shirtsleeves under your eyes," he sings.

It appears that this song has been in the works for quite some time, with Ed tweeting out the lyrics to the chorus way back in August of 2011, one month before his debut album + was even released.

Feel like having another good cry? Take a listen to "Even My Dad Does Sometimes," which MTV premiered on Thursday. And check back here on Saturday to get another new song off Ed's upcoming album, which hits stores Tuesday.

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