'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Recap: Anybody Got Money For Gas?

Erica's cash-strapped boyfriend's dramatic exit is cut short when he can't afford to fill his tank.

By Maurice Bobb

The most important thing we learned on this week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is this: If you’re going to make a dramatic exit, make sure you have the necessary gas and/or gas money to get to your intended destination.

Erica’s financially challenged boyfriend O’Shea learned that valuable lesson the hard way after leaving the couple’s home in a huff over his bae’s meeting with her ex-fiance, Lil Scrappy, only to find out his gas tank was on E.

“This here is exactly what the problem is,” Erica said. “His ass can’t even make a dramatic exit without my help.”

Things took a turn for the pathetic when O’Shea tried to rip the gas money from Erica’s hand during their heated roadside argument. O’Shea violated almost every man law in the book with his struggle-filled "damsel in financial distress" incident. Considering Erica’s realization that she took Scrap for granted during their relationship, it’s safe to assume that her hot-and-steamy romance with her freeloading male model is as good as over.

After last week's fight over naked phone pictures and implied infidelity, Stevie J had some “damage control to do.” His plan to smooth things over with his wife involved luring her into a sensual bubble bath surrounded by romantic candles and rose petals.

Joseline Hernandez was not ready to roll over just yet, though, and challenged him on his wayward ways.

“Deny, deny, deny til you can’t deny no more. Then you charm the panties off,” Stevie laughed in a confessional.

After declaring that she had already invested so much time and effort into her union with Steebie, Joseline relented and joined her spouse for some wet and wild “tub love.”

Benzino couldn’t believe Karlie Redd “photoshopped [his] beefcake to make it look smaller,” even though Karlie’s been proven to be vindictive in the past and had a legitimate ax to grind after Zino’s new woman, Althea, threw a drink in her face.

Mimi Faust kicked Nikko out of their brand-new house after she learned that Althea had “advanced” him recently and she found lipstick on his T-shirt while sorting laundry.

“ 'It wasn’t me' wasn’t gon' fly with Mimi,” Nikko admitted.

Before Mimi kicked the other half of “Atlanta’s adult entertainment power couple” to the curb, she asked Nikko one last time if he did in fact leak the sex tape.

Nikko denied it, of course, but Mimi’s spider sense was still tingling because when it came to the specifics of how the sex tape that he was all too happy to promote got out to the public, he doth protest too much.

While Rasheeda was in New Orleans with her girls Karlie and Kalenna, Kirk Frost was at home with son Karter, using faux medical facts to support his theory that his mother-in-law shouldn’t kiss his son.

Kirk blew up his own spot, though, when he let it slip out that he took a DNA test to verify he was Karter’s father. “The minute it came out my mouth, I knew I f--ked up,” he said.

Not surprisingly, Shirleen called her daughter’s batphone with the quickness to interrupt her vacation with the skinny on her estranged husband’s disrespectful move. Rasheeda was crushed and angry, but decided not to let it wreck her good time in The Big Easy.

Kirk then pulled the creeper move of the year when he emerged unannounced on a shadowy street after the girls had partied all night at the club to “apologize” to his wife in person.

“Bottom line, I need to save my marriage,” he said before putting his wedding ring back on and giving her an upgraded wedding ring.

Before walking off into the night alone, Rasheeda cried in Kirk’s arms.

“I love Kirk but I need time to think,” she said.

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on VH1.