Is 50 Cent Satisfied With His Animal Ambition Sales?

'I’m satisfied with the momentum,' Fif tells MTV News.

50 Cent is on the move right now and he has no plans to hit the brakes. In addition to pulling off a miracle and reuniting G-Unit, Fif also dropped his Animal Ambition album earlier this month and he'll follow that with Street King Immortal on September 16. Why so many releases all of a sudden? And was 50 happy with the sales and reception of Animal Ambition? He tells MTV News that was just the ramp up to his big year.

Animal Ambition moved 47, 000 units in its first week on the charts, after a very hands-on rollout plan, thanks to Fif's new indie deal.

"I'm satisfied with the momentum, because it's building to what I need it to be for Street King Immortal," he said of Animal Ambition's sales. "[And] just the excitement of having everybody back around too. It's adding to the momentum, because they're hearing more music from me, or G-Unit. It's all my music."

"Animal Ambition -- I built it to remove the block from my core audience," 50 Cent explained before performing with G-Unit at CitiField on Saturday. "Their issue was the success that I've been having. When you repeatedly have success in front of the audience, they look and go, 'Okay cool.'"

"They enjoy it in the very beginning because it's confirmation that they can be successful, because you're not coming from very much. [But] when you keep being successful in front of them they go -- 'If you don't move, how am I gonna have a chance to be successful?'"

Fif added that it's an issue most successful artists will have to deal with over the course of their careers.