6 Musicians Who Have Been Haunted — Like, By Ghosts

Like, real ghosts...

Musicians: They’re just like us. They go grocery shopping! They sleep! They live in haunted mansions and hire ghost hunters! Wait … what?

As the summer heat encroaches, allow us to give you a serious cool-down with some good old-fashioned famous people ghost stories. These tales are sure to make it hard for you to sleep tonight — especially Kesha’s. Shiver.

1. Demi Lovato

A true believer, Lovato lives in a haunted hour in Texas and has enlisted ghost hunters and mediums to contact the spirt, who is apparently an 11-year-old named Emily. A ghostly image also appeared beside the singer in a performance snap — one that may or may not be some kind of undead Lovatic stalker.

Demi’s voice isn’t the only thing that’s haunting.

2. Kesha

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