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Robert Pattinson Says His Worst Critics Are 'Not Even Watching The Movie'

Also, don't think he's above paying a visit to their homes.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Robert Pattinson definitely won over your mom and little sister when he did that little-seen or spoken of vampire movie franchise, but do you know who wasn't impressed? Critics. A whole lot of them, actually.

But Pattinson, who is moving on with more adult roles like his recent turn in "The Rover," has finally come up with a method for dealing with all of the naysayer madness — the trick is, you have to realize that it's all about you.

"The good ones only stay with you for about three seconds, and then the bad ones — you know all their names for the rest of your life," Pattinson told MTV News with a laugh, when asked about dealing with bad reviews. "I know there are some reviewers who just don't like me. It's nothing to do with the movie; they just figure out anything. They're not even watching the movie."

Sounds pretty rough. Does this mean that Pattinson has considered making a house call or two to some of his biggest dissenters?

"I've thought about it many times," he said.

Uhh, excuse as we go write some really nice things about Robert Pattinson.