Queen Of Hygiene Jillian Rose Reed Schools Y’All On Proper Bedtime Selfie Procedure

The 'Awkward' star wants to remind you that makeup remover works wonders.

It takes a certain amount of spark and pizzazz -- plus a soupçon of "Oh no you didn't" -- to be Palos Hills High School's social director, Tamara. And in a case of art imitating life, the actress behind the "Awkward" character is no shrinking violet, either.

Stealing a page from the sassy teen's book, Jillian Rose Reed took to Twitter yesterday like a cuter, younger, female Seinfeld, to call out a certain demographic for their dubious hygiene. "Question," she said, "do girls put makeup on and then get in bed and take a selfie? Or are yall just nasty sleeping in your makeup?"

Preach, JRR! This is something we've wondered about, too. Here's to Jillsy for actually wondering it aloud. How much do you want to bet at least half of her followers quickly went through their iPhones and deleted some foundation-heavy bed-selfies?

Just another pearl of wisdom from one of our favorite MTV stars to follow on social media. And we can't wait for more of her modern-day musings on hygiene -- like, what to do when someone starts trimming their nails on the subway (other than scream and run away, of course).

Photo: Getty Images