If You Missed Adam Lambert’s And Queen’s iheartradio Live Performance You’re Missing Life

Lucky for you, we've compiled the most royal Adam Lambert photo from his Queen concert.

I’m sorry. Did I just hear you just say you missed Adam Lambert and Queen performing together during their iheartradio show and Q&A session last night in L.A.?! Adam and I have decided you’re permanently out of the Glambert club and you can’t sit with us. Bye forever. Don’t call. Just kidding! I WOULD NEVER.

Well, you can just wipe those smudged eyeliner tears off those sweet cheeks, because the Internet is a very magical place that at least offers photos of the epic event. As in many new photos of Adam Lambert (and Queen guitarist Brian May) for you to add to your Glambert shrine. Like ones where he’s serving so many beautiful angles with those perfect cheekbones and perfect-everything else and ones that give me thoughts I should keep to myself.

But just in case you’re a masochist and want to hear what you missed that these photos just can’t say in any of their 1,000 words, you should know that Adam’s flawless falsetto NAILED Queen’s classic hits like “Another One Bites The Dust,” “Fat Bottomed Girls,” “Under Pressure,” and the Queen class, “We Are The Champions.”

The guys even gave a little taste of a heart-wrenching homage to a lesser-known Freddie Mercury hit penned for the film “Metropolis” called “Love Kills.” And Adam also slayed “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Because he always slays. Oh, did I forget to mention he looked into your soul while he sang it?

Adam’s warm-up show with Queen was the perfect sneak peek at what to expect during their 19-date tour this summer, which kicks off June 19 in Chicago.

Enjoy even more flawless photos of the King of Glam giving so much neck porn/smize/LUSTFUL GAZES on his iheartradio show with Queen:

Adam proves he’s flexible, and lo, it is heavenly:

Getty Images
Adam catches sight of himself in a mirror and realizes his awesome beauty:
Getty Images
Adam pauses to admire Brian May’s skills… and hair:
Getty Images
Don’t… ever… change, bb!
Getty Images
What’s that smell? Just our undying adoration.
Getty Images
Smize king.
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