Night Riots Turn An Abandoned Mall Into A John Hughes Movie In 'Back To Your Love' Video

The Cali rock band finds love -- and a mysterious mannequin -- on a mall carousel.

Night Riots have clearly been on a Netflix binge, and their queue likely includes "The Breakfast Club," "Say Anything" and "Mannequin" if their "Back To Your Love" video is any indicator of how they spend their stretches in the tour van.

The brooding boys -- known for synth-driven, cloaked-in-darkness ballads that feel like the less anguished but no less talented first cousin to The Head on the Door and Disintegration-era Cure -- headed to the mall, not for retail therapy but for an eerily romantic, overtly cinematic date laced with '80-kid cheek. Sadly, Claire's was closed so no dozen-earring deals. It turns out everything else was closed, actually, except for the entrance to San Bernadino's almost completely abandoned Carousel Mall and the key to its namesake carousel with a cunning, pants-less Mia Wallace mannequin serving as majordomo.

"We wanted to make a video that had no time or place," lead singer Travis Hawley explained. "Just a snap shot of a moment with no past, future or resolution."

The result? A charming, blurry romantic teenage dream rife with Lloyd Dobler nostalgia and high school movie magic.

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