Here's What Might Happen On Tonight's 'Awkward' Mid-Season Finale

A whole lot can go down on a senior class trip!

It's been quite a year for those oh-so "Awkward" students at Palos Hills High School.

Jenna Hamilton became a senior but soon realized that her 11th-grade walk on the wild side did some serious damage to her transcript. She committed to improving her prospective college student stock, though, and stayed on the straight and narrow. We can't, however, say the same for her friends.

Matty, for one, spent the season lashing out after discovering he was adopted. Then he wound up in jail for drinking in public with Jake, who also logged some time behind bars. Thankfully, Sadie Saxton's quick thinking bailed ‘em out, but her heroism may have been in vain: Matty doesn’t seem to have learned a single lesson in the slammer. He’s still with the shifty Eva, who’s proven she doesn’t play nice.

But the kids are headed off on the senior class ski trip on tonight's mid-season finale, and that's sure to provide much more fodder for second semester. After all, anything can happen when you're 18 and set loose in the wilderness. Will Tamara have some romantic epiphanies among the fresh powder? Will the "Sophomore Sluts" pop up in the lodge to ruin the upperclassmen's good time? Let's consider...

First, as Cory proved on "Boy Meets World," the mystique of a lodge getaway can lead to some straying eyes. Sure, Matty and Eva seem to be attached at the hip lately, but could the glow of the moon and the magic of a late-night fire lead to some infidelity? Matty is a pretty big flirt, and if there's a cute seasonal staffer plugging away at the reservation desk, you never know what could happen!

And while love could bloom in one corner of the vacation, it could be stomped out in another. We could see Tamara and Sadie -- who have both been dumped in embarrassing fashion this season -- banding together in an unlikely She-Woman Man-Hating club. They've been at odds for years, but consider how they'd fare as a team! With T's meticulous attention to detail and Sadie's fearless bravado, there wouldn't be a teenage male safe for miles. They could take over the world (or, at least, suburban California)!

On that note, when it comes to taking over the world, we see Jake's music career taking off on the trip. There's no greater way to relax after hitting the slopes than with some low-key guitar tunes under the stars. And if the right LA record company magnate just happens to be in earshot, Jake might just have a one-way ticket to John Mayer-land!

And what about Jenna? Well, let's just hope Luke, who's been nothing but a good influence on her since the two met, won't be scared off by the high school drama that's on deck in this sneak peek:

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