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Lucy Hale Loves Ed Sheeran, And So Does Everyone Else

Lucy has some serious celebrity competition for Ed's heart.

Step back and let a man breathe, ladies!

Mere days after Taylor Swift danced like nobody was watching at Ed Sheeran's NYC concert, fellow burgeoning country star (and "Pretty Little Liars" actress) Lucy Hale also publicly shared her love for everyone's favorite British ginger.

"Everyone wanted a piece of Ed," Hale captioned her Instagram pic, which also featured "PLL" actor Tyler Blackburn posing seductively with a cardboard cutout of Sheeran:

The picture is adorable, and we definitely get why Hale is showing the love for Sheeran, but she's going to have to seriously take a step back and get in line if she wants to score some time with the man himself. Sheeran is in increasingly high celeb demand, with pretty much everyone in Hollywood publicly declaring their love like he's Beyonce, or something. Need proof? Here are the other famous friends Hale will have to beat down if she wants to score some one-on-one time with Sheeran.

Taylor Swift

Wanna get to Ed, Lucy? Well obviously you're going to have to get past his best gal pal (and everybody else's imaginary best gal pal) Taylor Swift. She's pretty much got this one on lockdown.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Then there's the Jenner sisters — who wouldn't necessarily be a threat on their own, but we wouldn't want to cross anyone with Mama Kris on their side.

Jennifer Aniston


(Shhh, Lucy, wanna know the number one secret to getting Ed Sheeran to come to your house? Offer him turkey and cranberry sauce, like Jennifer Aniston did on Thanksgiving.)

Courteney Cox

... or you can just do what the other Sheeran "Friends" friend did and let him use your beach house.

Demi Lovato

Kevin Mazur/Fox

Teaming up with Sheeran for a duet is a surefire way to get some stage time with him, but Demi's got "Give Me Love" on lockdown.

Graham the Cat

When it comes to spending one-on-one time during off-hours, Sheeran's cat Graham has the golden ticket. Hale is tiny and adorable, but it's pretty hard to compete with a man's kitty cat.

Arya Stark

Oops, sorry Lucy — Arya Stark has officially joined the party. You're done. Taylor's done. We're all done.