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Ed Sheeran's Got Sin On His Mind And Red Wine In His 'Bloodstream'

Ed drops new Rick Rubin-produced track 'Bloodstream'

Ed Sheeran is a self-proclaimed sinner and isn't afraid to admit he's got something burning in his bloodstream.

And the U.K. singer's getting pretty open and honest about that in his brand-new track, "Bloodstream," off his upcoming album X, -- also known as Multiply -- which drops next week.

The guitar-driven song chronicles a long night out filled lots of red wine, as Ed waits for the chemicals to take hold in hopes that they'll mask the depressive state he has found himself in. Cheer up, Ed!

"I've been looking for love/ Thought I'd find her in a bottle/ God, make me another one/ I'll be feeling this tomorrow/ Lord, forgive me for the things I've done/ I was never meant to hurt no one," he sings.

On Monday, Ed dropped the emotional track "Afire Love," but for this latest track he teamed up with famed producer Rick Rubin, who also assited Ed with "Don't" and "Tenerife Sea." During "Live From MTV Presents the Ed Sheeran After Show," Ed told us that those sessions with Rick "made the album" what it is.

"I think before then the album was good, but it was very much, 'Here's a Pharrell song and it really sounds like a Pharrell song,' and 'Here's an Ed song and it really sounds like an Ed song,' and 'Here's a West Coast hip-hop song that sounds like Benny Blanco' -- it was all different songs," he explained. "And I think what the session with Rick did [was] it got me focused on an album process rather than just songs and it tied everything together."