YouTube/ Simon Chong

'The Book Of Mormon' Gets A 'South Park'-Style Makeover

Jesus Christ, you have a lovely home.

What happens when the Mormons from the Tony Award-winning "The Book of Mormon" show up on the doorsteps of "South Park's" citizens to spread the promise of eternal grace? Only the best and catchiest fan homage to the Parker/Stone universe ever to hit the internet, that's what.

YouTuber Simon Chong, a crazy talented superfan who is in no way affiliated with either "South Park" or "The Book of Mormon," somehow managed to marry them up in this glorious animated version of the musical's opening number, "Hello." In it, a half dozen cheerful Mormon missionaries go knocking around South Park in search of somebody to save, and encounter a host of familiar characters in the process.

Watch it and weep. With joy. It's actually that good.